Why the Success of "The Sinner" Took Jessica Biel by Surprise

April 9, 2018

Jessica Biel did not imagine “The Sinner” would be as successful as it has been.

“Not because I didn’t think that we were doing something interesting,” the actress told Cheddar in an interview Monday. “Honestly I was surprised people waited a week to see [each episode].”

Biel stars in and produces the psychological thriller series on USA Network, which tells the story of a mother who commits an act of violence in broad daylight. The show was intended as a miniseries but was recently renewed for a second season.

“It’s empowering to take it into your own hands and to start creating your own stuff,” said Biel.

The actress, mother, and wife of Grammy- and Emmy-winning singer Justin Timberlake says that life in the fast lane does come at the expense of having a balanced life.

She revealed that at home she and Timberlake can still get caught up in the hustle of everyday life.

“We all are hyphenates now,” said Biel. “You do just have to carve time out in your day” to decompress.

“This may sound cheesy but on all levels he is my best friend.”

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