Why Alibaba Uses Cloud Technology to Get Into Sports

January 10, 2018

Alibaba is teaming up with the Olympics to bring the Games to China digitally.

“We have a huge audience on Alibaba, especially in China,” Joey Tan, head of global strategic initiatives at Alibaba Cloud, told Cheddar. “We have an audience of over 150 million that’s online. The Olympic Channel sees that as a great platform for them to start sharing some of the great video content that’s available on its channel but not in China today.”

The company entered a partnership with the International Olympic Committee last year, where it is responsible for cloud services, e-commerce, and leveraging its digital media platform for the Olympic Channel. The partnership runs through 2028, and Alibaba will have rights to the upcoming 2018 Winter Games.

Tan says that the Alibaba makes sense for sports, because its cloud software can gather relevant data.

“We are committed to bringing all of the right partners, especially some of the very advanced sports performance data, virtual reality, A.I., VR partners, to work closely with us on our platforms,” he said.

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