Twitter Content Head Talks Advertising Week, Power of Video

October 5, 2018

By Amanda Weston

You have to look no further than Nike's Kaepernick campaign to know brands are getting more outspoken politically, and Twitter is helping them spread their messages.

"One of the themes we saw at Advertising Week was brands talking about purpose, and some brands are taking a stand," Stacy Minero, head of content creation at Twitter ($TWTR) said Friday in an interview on Cheddar.

The company recently took the stage at Advertising Week in New York and discussed the power of its platform.

"We saw Nike have this incredible, emotive campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick, and that had massive resonance, not just reach. And Twitter was a place where they sparked," Minero said.

Nike's ($NKE) Colin Kaepernick ad ー previewed on the quarterback-turned-activist's account before it was officially released ー has been viewed more than 10 million times to date.

But the athletic brand isn't the only company that's found advertising opportunities on Twitter, Minero said.

"We had Wendy's on stage talking about how their brand voice on Twitter is so unique, and that creates brand love," Minero said. "We had DiGiorno talking about how they're investing in video not only to drive brand affinity, but also to convert to sales."

Both those companies have developed humorous, and sometimes snarky, personalities on their official accounts. Wendy's ($WEN) regularly "roasts" users, presumably helping keep its 2 million followers entertained and engaged.

Minero said those brands have discovered something essential about the audience they have on her company's platform.

"Twitter has the most valuable audience when they're most receptive," she said. "People come in a discovery mindset. They're curious consumers. They are connected to culture, and they drive conversations, so we wanted to highlight that."

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