Internet Outpacing TV Globally, but Not in U.S.

June 11, 2018

By Madison Alworth

People around the world will spend more time online than watching television next year as global internet usage climbs in countries where smartphones have become more readily available than TV, according to new data from Zenith cited by Recode.

Advertisers' dollars are set to follow: Globally, they're expected to spend $60 billion more on Internet ads in 2019 than TV advertising. However in the United States, the largest media consumption market in the world, television is still king.

"Americans still spend far more time watching television than on the internet," said Sara Fischer, a media reporter for Axios. Though many Americans seem to spend more time on their phones, Fischer said, is not necessarily engaged time.

"If you were to take a look at it from a minute-by-minute basis, more often than not, people spend more media consumption time on television than they do with some of their mobile properties," Fischer said in an interview with Cheddar. "Even though they might check them up to 100 times a day, it's not like they're sitting there, spending a ton of time."

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