This Changes Things [1/30/18]

January 30, 2018

On this episode of This Changes Things hosts Jill Wagner and Baker Machado explore the women's movement and discuss which companies are making headway on gender equality. Plus, inspiration from some of the top leaders in the business world.

From the black gowns at the Golden Globes representing Times Up to Kesha's powerful performance at the Grammys, we're certainly in a new era of female leadership and it's not only being felt in Hollywood. It's palpable in the business community as well. Kathleen Davis, Senior Editor at Fast Company joins This Changes Things to discuss how women can keep the wave of empowerment going.

Image if someone told you that doing less at work could actually increase your productivity. Morten Hansen, Author of "Great at Work: How Top Performers do Less, Work Better and Achieve More" explains why focusing on just a few tasks could make you better at your job.

Plus, Hope King joins Austin Lucas, Assistant Manager at Gotham Archery in Brooklyn NY, to learn how to navigate the world of bows and arrows!