The Soundtrack of Soundtradr

January 23, 2018

Paul Wiltshire, CEO & Founder of Songtradr, is an award-winning record producer and songwriter with over 25 years of experience. He's produced or composed over 15 million units, including twelve number one albums and singles. He joins This Changes Things to talk about how he launched his business and the challenges he overcame to get to where he is today.

Wiltshire talks about the tough mix of development, beta testing and capital raising when launching Soundtradr in 2014. And when it comes to making decisions for the company, Wiltshire advises other CEOs to use a balance of research, staff input, and your own intuition. Ask yourself why you are making the decision, and what the motivating factor is. If you do not feel right about a decision, wait.

Plus, what should you do as a business owner if you have some naysayers? Wiltshire explains that when someone says you're crazy and what you are planning to do is impossible, then you might be on to something. Entrepreneurs have to ignore the negative and remain focused on their vision.