Soulja Boy Is Looking For Hungry Up-and-Comers to Join His Esports Franchise

January 16, 2019

"Crank Dat" rapper Soulja Boy talked to Cheddar Sports' Jimmy Mondal about his aspirations in gaming, from competing at the highest level in esports to creating his own video games.


Jimmy Mondal: I'm here with Soulja Boy himself.

Jimmy Mondal: What's good? How you've been doin'?

Soulja Boy: Good.

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah? So, how's your day been?

Jimmy Mondal: Just keep it super simple. [LAUGHTER]

Soulja Boy: Great man. It's been easy.

Jimmy Mondal: Good.

Soulja Boy: Doin' a lot of press, a lot of runnin' around, you know.

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah.

Soulja Boy: A lot of interviews, ABC.

Jimmy Mondal: I can imagine. I saw you've been

Jimmy Mondal: hopping [OVERLAPPING] coast to coast.

Soulja Boy: Yeah, [LAUGHTER] coast to coast.

Soulja Boy: I just came from LA.

Jimmy Mondal: Nice.

Soulja Boy: Yeah.

Jimmy Mondal: It's all good? All right. So, you got,

Jimmy Mondal: uh, pins for you on your Twitter account.

Jimmy Mondal: And honestly, it's the motto I live my life by, right?

Jimmy Mondal: "In this world, you either crank

Jimmy Mondal: that Soulja boy [OVERLAPPING] or it cranks you."

Soulja Boy: "Or it cranks you."

Jimmy Mondal: Exactly. You already got it.

Jimmy Mondal: I'm not trying to get cranked, and

Jimmy Mondal: I'm assuming that you're not

Jimmy Mondal: with all the moves you've been making recently, and, uh,

Jimmy Mondal: you've been nothing short of

Jimmy Mondal: a pioneer honestly in the crossover world between

Jimmy Mondal: Esports and hip hop or just in general, like gaming.

Jimmy Mondal: So, give me the 10-year challenge,

Jimmy Mondal: like give me the rundown real quick.

Jimmy Mondal: What is the difference between

Jimmy Mondal: you 10 years ago and you now?

Jimmy Mondal: Like entrepreneurially,

Jimmy Mondal: businesswise, socially, what's been going on?

Soulja Boy: Man, really nothin'.

Soulja Boy: Everything just advanced, you know.

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah.

Soulja Boy: Ten years ago I was, I had the same mindset.

Soulja Boy: I always wanted to create a video game.

Soulja Boy: I always wanted to create a video game console.

Soulja Boy: I always wanted to be famous.

Soulja Boy: I always wanted a hit song.

Soulja Boy: I always wanted to be a rapper.

Soulja Boy: I always wanted, come out with my own shoe,

Soulja Boy: come and get an endorsement deal [LAUGHTER] ,

Soulja Boy: have my own TV show.

Soulja Boy: And the only difference is now,

Soulja Boy: everything is happenin' for me.

Jimmy Mondal: Your dreams are coming true?

Soulja Boy: Yes, sir.

Jimmy Mondal: In a good spot.

Jimmy Mondal: So, you're talking about making your own game.

Jimmy Mondal: What, if you could make a game,

Jimmy Mondal: what kind of game would you make?

Soulja Boy: I already have made my own game.

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah?

Soulja Boy: And the game that I made was me and a side-scroller like

Soulja Boy: Mario with a Draco

Soulja Boy: and shoot- [LAUGHTER] I was shooting zombies.

Soulja Boy: [LAUGHTER]. It's called Beefin' with Soulja. You-

Jimmy Mondal: [LAUGHTER] Beefin' with Soulja.

Soulja Boy: You can search it on the App Store [OVERLAPPING]

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah.

Soulja Boy: On the iPad and the iPhone on the Apple App Store.

Jimmy Mondal: There you go [OVERLAPPING].

Soulja Boy: I released two video games.

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah.

Soulja Boy: One is called Beefin' with Soulja,

Soulja Boy: the second one is called,

Soulja Boy: um, wha- what's the second one called?

Soulja Boy: [LAUGHTER] Wai- wai- wait.

Soulja Boy: Oh, ah, Draco Edition.

Jimmy Mondal: Draco Edition [LAUGHTER].

Soulja Boy: Fight- Fighting Soulja, Draco Edition,

Soulja Boy: but it's like, uh, it was like Temple Run.

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah.

Soulja Boy: You know, and it's,

Soulja Boy: it's just me [OVERLAPPING] runnin' from the police

Soulja Boy: and runnin' and tryna escape

Soulja Boy: the police and picking up Dracos,

Soulja Boy: and [LAUGHTER] it's dope.

Jimmy Mondal: Nice.

Soulja Boy: It's dope.

Jimmy Mondal: Ah, if you haven't played it, go play it obviously.

Jimmy Mondal: So, do you have a favorite game?

Jimmy Mondal: We'll cover all the general gaming questions for this.

Soulja Boy: I love, right now, I love Gears of War, I love Halo.

Soulja Boy: I love, uh, Call of Duty,

Soulja Boy: Devil May Cry, um, Street Fighter.

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah. Do you have a favorite one from like

Jimmy Mondal: your childhood that you maybe grew up playing?

Soulja Boy: Sonic the Hedgehog.

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah.

Soulja Boy: Uh, Sega Genesis, you know,

Soulja Boy: Super Mario World, Super Nintendo, Contra.

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah.

Soulja Boy: You know, Fight and Forest.

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah.

Soulja Boy: Crash Bandicoot.

Jimmy Mondal: The classics, just back-to-back.

Jimmy Mondal: So, do you have like a idea of a perfect game?

Jimmy Mondal: Obviously,

Jimmy Mondal: you said you've already participating [OVERLAPPING]

Soulja Boy: I'mma creating, whe- when I first, okay.

Soulja Boy: I created two video games.

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah.

Soulja Boy: They were iPhone and iPad games.

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah.

Soulja Boy: The third video game that I'm creating is gonna

Soulja Boy: be for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Jimmy Mondal: Um.

Soulja Boy: So, this is gonna be the one that I

Soulja Boy: really pu- put all my time,

Soulja Boy: and it, I think it could be the ultimate game.

Jimmy Mondal: Oh, uh, [OVERLAPPING] a blockbuster?

Soulja Boy: Yeah. Like Grand Theft Auto

Soulja Boy: [OVERLAPPING] mixed with Fortnite,

Soulja Boy: mixed with Halo, [LAUGHTER] mixed with,

Soulja Boy: you know, [OVERLAPPING] you got to, you got to take the

Soulja Boy: best of each world and just put it all in one game.

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah.

Soulja Boy: You know?

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah. We- well, make it happen.

Jimmy Mondal: We'll see how that one goes for sure.

Jimmy Mondal: So, obviously, you know, we

Jimmy Mondal: can't really ignore the gorilla in the room.

Jimmy Mondal: You're trending number one on Twitter,

Jimmy Mondal: literally like in all of the US,

Jimmy Mondal: for saying that Drake copied your flow.

Jimmy Mondal: Do you wanna, like,

Jimmy Mondal: elaborate on that at all right now?

Soulja Boy: I'm trending right now?

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah, you're trending right now,

Jimmy Mondal: number one on Twitter in the US.

Soulja Boy: Oh, that's what's up.

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah.

Soulja Boy: Young Drako, baby Soulja [LAUGHTER] No, man.

Soulja Boy: You know, you know Drake, I tell Drake everything.

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah.

Soulja Boy: You know?

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah.

Soulja Boy: You know what I'm saying?

Soulja Boy: If you go back to 2006 and you listen to my first record,

Soulja Boy: that track What's hannenin'.

Soulja Boy: And you go back to 2010 and you listen to Drake's record,

Soulja Boy: and he says, "Tell me what's really goin' on.

Soulja Boy: [LAUGHTER] Drizzy Drake back in this thing.

Soulja Boy: I'm ready, what's hannenin'?"

Soulja Boy: He stole my whole bar,

Soulja Boy: he stole my whole [inaudible 00:03:36] ;

Soulja Boy: so word for word, all he [OVERLAPPING] did was

Soulja Boy: change Soulja to Drizzy Drake.

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah [LAUGHTER].

Soulja Boy: And I'm sayin', [OVERLAPPING]

Soulja Boy: I don't have no beef with Drake.

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah.

Soulja Boy: I love Drake.

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah.

Soulja Boy: You know, we deal- we made it, you know,

Soulja Boy: we made it, we made it in 2014.

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah.

Soulja Boy: You know, we, we made, wait a minute,

Soulja Boy: you know, we made, we

Soulja Boy: made a nice song together.

Jimmy Mondal: Um.

Soulja Boy: But at the end of the day,

Soulja Boy: don't try to play me like I had

Soulja Boy: the biggest comeback for 2018.

Jimmy Mondal: Right. Yeah.

Soulja Boy: You know what I'm saying; don't try to say

Soulja Boy: Tiger had a bigger comeback than me.

Jimmy Mondal: [LAUGHTER]

Soulja Boy: Tiger?

Jimmy Mondal: Yeah. I don't know, [inaudible 00:04:02].

Soulja Boy: Come on. Like, let's just be serious.

Soulja Boy: I crea- I'm young Draco.

Soulja Boy: I got my own, my own video game console.

Jimmy Mondal: That's true.

Jimmy Mondal: So, you're already talking about games again.

Jimmy Mondal: Let's tie it back in Esports, right?

Jimmy Mondal: So, Drake, a bunch of other celebrities like Shaq,

Jimmy Mondal: J.Lo, they've invested into

Jimmy Mondal: Esports organizations and teams.

Jimmy Mondal: He obviously got you sometime in December,

Jimmy Mondal: and then you were like, I would love to

Jimmy Mondal: making Esport org in January 2019.

Soulja Boy: Yeah.

Jimmy Mondal: We're heading into 2019, you know,

Jimmy Mondal: the year's wrapping up; what are

Jimmy Mondal: your plans for Esports going into 2019?

Soulja Boy: We're laun- we're launching it this year.

Soulja Boy: Everything is going down, uh,

Speaker 2: I really had to put up my own money.

Speaker 2: There's a lot of investors and stuff behind the scenes.

Speaker 1: Yes.

Speaker 2: But just starting off initially,

Speaker 2: I had to put up my own money to, you know,

Speaker 2: hire the- these kids, you know.

Speaker 2: So, if you've got 16, 17 year old kid

Speaker 2: watching this and you've got a passion, hit me up, man.

Speaker 2: On Twitter, whatever, I'm signing

Speaker 2: a talent, you know what I'm saying.

Speaker 2: I'm now looking, you know,

Speaker 2: Ninja is a great friend of mine.

Speaker 2: He got me verified on Twitter.

Speaker 1: Right.

Speaker 2: He, uh, helped me with my channel and,

Speaker 2: you know, did a lot for me.

Speaker 2: But we're not looking for those type of gamer-s.

Speaker 1: Right. That's expensive.

Speaker 2: We're looking for the up and coming.

Speaker 1: Right.

Speaker 2: 16, 17 year old,

Speaker 2: hungry, with a goal,

Speaker 2: with a passion, with a dream.

Speaker 2: That's who I'm looking to join my E-sports franchise.

Speaker 2: But the game [inaudible 00:05:06] is 2019 is here and we're in motion.

Speaker 1: So, um, I heard you guys you were

Speaker 1: talking about participating in games like Fortnite,

Speaker 1: Overwatch, League of Legends [OVERLAPPING].

Speaker 2: Overwatch.

Speaker 1: Yeah. What specifically would you wanna to get into?

Speaker 2: Man, Overwatch, definitely Gears of War has

Speaker 2: a- a- a very dope underground.

Speaker 1: Yeah. It super underground. Yeah.

Speaker 2: Like i-, i-, i-, it's, it's amazing,

Speaker 2: you know what I'm saying, but I'm definitely.

Speaker 1: Super tight there too.

Speaker 2: Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. Um, even Smash Bros.

Speaker 1: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 2: Even the Smash Brothers team.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: Counterstrike. The list goes on, man.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: It should just be fun, you know what I'm saying.

Speaker 1: Yeah, and I also heard you were

Speaker 1: saying that you wanted to make

Speaker 1: teams to beat like some of the best warriors

Speaker 1: like Fanatic and stuff, too.

Speaker 2: Yeah, like- you know.

Speaker 2: We going to get our feet when we'll get to that point.

Speaker 2: Well we definitely want to build it from the ground

Speaker 2: up and we definitely want to build a story

Speaker 2: and tell our story definitely be able to compete with

Speaker 2: those bigger teams and you

Speaker 2: know we've just got to work our way up the ranks.

Speaker 1: Right.

Speaker 1: So obviously, you know, you're a pioneer in rap,

Speaker 1: putting stuff up on the,

Speaker 1: Internet blowing it up before really anybody else.

Speaker 1: Now you're planning to do that back in E-sports now too.

Speaker 1: Right? So you just released a couple

Speaker 1: of consoles pretty recently.

Speaker 1: What made you want to get

Speaker 1: into the hardware side of things?

Speaker 1: Because we know you've been making

Speaker 1: games but this is the consoles now.

Speaker 2: Yeah, man that's- man,

Speaker 2: I had an idea and it came

Speaker 2: to me a couple of years ago and-

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: Because first, I was doing

Speaker 2: you know games like I told you.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: In Iphone and iPad and even back in

Speaker 2: the day we would do Adobe Flash [LAUGHTER].

Speaker 1: Yeah flash games. Yeah.

Speaker 2: Brown [LAUGHTER] You know with

Speaker 2: drawing comics from movies inspired from Penny Arcade.

Speaker 1: Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. [OVERLAPPING]

Speaker 2: Tight show and it was just you know and it

Speaker 2: came from that so I was like one

Speaker 2: day I was like yo-you know what?

MALE_1: I already made a video game.

MALE_2: Yeah.

MALE_1: What if I made my own video game console?


MALE_2: Looks like the next stuff, right?

MALE_1: You know.

MALE_2: Yeah.

MALE_2: Like when I was- when I was

MALE_2: back before I started doing music I was like,

MALE_2: yo, what about, you know, make a dance?

MALE_2: And then when, you know, number one.

MALE_2: Yeah.

MALE_1: People thought I was crazy. I did it.

MALE_2: Yeah. It's like yeah, what if I made a video game?

MALE_2: We always had Playstation, Nintendo, and Xbox.

MALE_2: Right.

MALE_1: Why can't it be something else?

MALE_2: Right. Why does it have to only be three?

MALE_1: Can we introduce something new and fun

MALE_1: and cool and dope and just,

MALE_1: you know, I've got the money to do, I'm a millionaire?

MALE_2: Yeah.

MALE_1: Why not go and invest and-

MALE_1: and create something fun and hip for the kids?

MALE_1: That I know that they're going to like cause

MALE_1: I'm younger, I'm younger.

MALE_1: I really know what is cool. I know what's hip.

MALE_1: I know. You know- you know,

MALE_1: what you like in video games.

MALE_2: Yeah. Yeah.

MALE_1: You know, we don't- we are playing a game you like,

MALE_1: oh, they should just added this feature.

MALE_2: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like Overwatch is definitely

MALE_2: my game of choice. And so I like.

MALE_2: As soon as I heard you say you

MALE_2: were wanting to get into Overwatch,

MALE_2: I was like, you know, it's like-.

MALE_1: Yeah.

MALE_2: You know, what's going on.

MALE_1: Yeah.

MALE_2: So, obviously, you know, there's been some controversy

MALE_2: around the whole Soulja game handhelds and whatnot,

MALE_2: but what are you doing to overcome these obstacles and

MALE_2: really push yourself forward in 2019?

MALE_1: Man, just live and learn man.

MALE_1: It's such a beautiful thing because,

MALE_1: you know- you know, you got to look at the time.

MALE_2: Yeah.

MALE_2: You know, it started off as a- an idea.

MALE_2: Mm [inaudible 00:08:01].

MALE_1: A concept. You got from a concept and an idea to reality,

MALE_1: and you go right from reality to,

MALE_1: you know, quarter million dollars in sales.

MALE_2: Yeah.

MALE_1: In one day.

MALE_2: Yeah.

MALE_1: And you go from quarter million dollars in one day to,

MALE_1: and to know and,

MALE_1: you know, all the controversy and-

MALE_2: Yeah.

MALE_1: And you say, "Oh, wow."

MALE_1: And you learn and you live

MALE_1: through that you say, "You know what?

MALE_1: Let's go back to the drawing board."

MALE_1: You know, "Let's create something that

MALE_1: can't be- can't be talked about."

MALE_2: Right.

MALE_1: Can't be- you can't come after

MALE_1: this system. Everything is legit.

MALE_2: Yeah.

MALE_1: Everything, we got a new game.

MALE_1: We got custom- everything is official.

MALE_1: And we just come back and knock it off

MALE_1: the park because we know the audience is there.

MALE_2: Yeah. Right. Because I heard you weren't

MALE_2: even expecting to sell that many.

MALE_2: Right? You're expecting like 500 to 1,000?

MALE_1: Not even that.

MALE_2: Yeah.

MALE_1: You know, of course I got

MALE_1: a million followers on Instagram but.

MALE_2: Right.

MALE_1: It's a new thing you're- you're

MALE_1: coming out with a new console.

MALE_1: Who's going to buy a new video

MALE_1: game console from a rapper?

MALE_2: Right.

MALE_1: It's completely new. No one's ever heard of

MALE_1: it but- but they bought it like it

MALE_1: was a new album and it's

MALE_1: like I have to really do this now.

MALE_1: And but this is a beautiful thing.

MALE_2: Yeah.

MALE_1: It's a beautiful thing right.

MALE_2: So, that's how you can be pushing

MALE_2: yourself forward in the console space.

MALE_2: And of course how important is it to you now to

MALE_2: be that like Pioneer in hip hop and E-sports being like,

MALE_2: "All right, this is what's gonna make it cool?"

MALE_1: Yeah. I'm the first rapper to

MALE_1: come out with his own video game console.

MALE_2: Yeah.

MALE_1: You know, Kanye kind of talking about

MALE_1: on what Disney and I'm Steve Jobs.

MALE_1: What did you do to become Steve Jobs?

MALE_2: Right.

MALE_1: Do you what Steve Jobs did?

MALE_2: Yeah.

MALE_1: You came out a couple of pure goofy tennis shoes,

MALE_1: and you supposed to be Steve Jobs.


MALE_1: And you supposed to be Elon Musk and Walt Disney?

MALE_2: Yeah.

MALE_1: Do you know what Walt Disney and

MALE_1: Steve Jobs did for the culture,

MALE_1: for the people, for America?

MALE_2: Mm-hmm.

SOULJA BOY: You did anything close to that.

SOULJA BOY: You ran on stage and took the mic

SOULJA BOY: from Taylor Swift and disrespected her.

SOULJA BOY: If you were to did that to my little sister,

SOULJA BOY: it would've been a problem.


SOULJA BOY: You know what I am saying?


SOULJA BOY: So, I just don't understand where, how, how it's.

INTERVIEWER: Where's the comparison?

SOULJA BOY: I came out with a video game console. I'm Young Draco.

SOULJA BOY: I'm Soulja Boy. I should

SOULJA BOY: be comparing myself to Steve Jobs and,

SOULJA BOY: you know, but I'm not doing that.

SOULJA BOY: I'm humble and I'm learning my way

SOULJA BOY: because it's a new marketplace and,

SOULJA BOY: you know, electronics and video games technology,

SOULJA BOY: this is a new marketplace, it's

SOULJA BOY: not like the music industry.


SOULJA BOY: So I have to learn it, you know?


SOULJA BOY: But when you got Kanye running

SOULJA BOY: around saying all this stuff it's like,

SOULJA BOY: "Yo, man, knock it off."

SOULJA BOY: [LAUGHTER] Come on, man-

INTERVIEWER: Just knock it off.

SOULJA BOY: - you're not Walt Disney.


SOULJA BOY: You're not Steve Jobs.

SOULJA BOY: You made a couple pair of tennis shoes.


SOULJA BOY: You, you, you know, you got lucky.

SOULJA BOY: You maybe, you met some people at

SOULJA BOY: Louis Vuitton, Adidas. Cool.


SOULJA BOY: We're creating video game consoles, Kanye.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah. Do you think that's like the next step for a lot of

INTERVIEWER: the other people in hip hop and rap like-?

SOULJA BOY: I'm pretty sure, you know, peoples is gonna follow

SOULJA BOY: the lead just like when I came

SOULJA BOY: out with Crank That Soulja Boy.


SOULJA BOY: And now people are doing the viral dances, again.


SOULJA BOY: and my feelings are challenged, you know what I'm saying?

SOULJA BOY: So it's just like, you know,

SOULJA BOY: I'm pretty sure that, you know, the,

SOULJA BOY: some artists is gonna be following and

SOULJA BOY: coming out with video games and consoles. It's gonna-


SOULJA BOY: - start a trend-


SOULJA BOY: - but I just hope people do it

SOULJA BOY: right because I have a passion for this.


SOULJA BOY: This is not about the money for me.

SOULJA BOY: I made millions of dollars-

INTERVIEWER: Right. You got that.

SOULJA BOY: - in music. This is a real passion.

SOULJA BOY: I really want to create a video game console.


SOULJA BOY: I really want to create a, a,

SOULJA BOY: a character and a image that could be compared to Sonic

SOULJA BOY: as Sonic is for Sega and n- Mario is for Nintendo.

SOULJA BOY: We can have a little Soulja for the Soulja game.


INTERVIEWER: Dude, that's the dream, yeah.

SOULJA BOY: You know, it's just, i- i- it is what it is.

SOULJA BOY: So I just hope that the other rappers that

SOULJA BOY: do get inspired don't do it

SOULJA BOY: for the money. You know what I'm saying? Just-


SOULJA BOY: - just, if you're a real gamer and

SOULJA BOY: you really have passion for this, then do it.

INTERVIEWER: Right. I agree.

INTERVIEWER: So I mean, as we're ending, you know,

INTERVIEWER: [NOISE] getting to the end of this interview,

INTERVIEWER: I've been seeing you retweet a lot of

INTERVIEWER: stuff about people calling your consoles a fraud.

INTERVIEWER: And it's just like I'm sitting here and wondering,

INTERVIEWER: like I wonder like do you think it's like

INTERVIEWER: funny or like wh- what's going

INTERVIEWER: through your mind when you're retweeting that?

SOULJA BOY: All promotion is good promotion.


SOULJA BOY: And at the end of the day it's building a story.


SOULJA BOY: You know, it's letting the people hate on me-


SOULJA BOY: - and it's giving them their opinion.

SOULJA BOY: Yo, I'm a rapper. I'm Young Draco. I'm not-


SOULJA BOY: - immune to hate.


SOULJA BOY: I'm not immune to people's opinions.

INTERVIEWER: Right. People form opinions all day.

SOULJA BOY: They're gonna think, they're gonna,

SOULJA BOY: you know, you can call it hate.


SOULJA BOY: You could call it an opinion.


SOULJA BOY: You could call it a facts or a fiction.

SOULJA BOY: Whatever you want to call it, they're talking about it.


SOULJA BOY: They're posting about it.

SOULJA BOY: They're t- you know what I'm saying?

SOULJA BOY: If they didn't care, if I wasn't doing

SOULJA BOY: something right nobody would be talking about it.

SOULJA BOY: People are buying the consoles.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah, they're selling out left and right.

SOULJA BOY: They're reviewing the console.


SOULJA BOY: They're doing unboxing on the console.


SOULJA BOY: It's a lot of speculation, it's a lot of,

SOULJA BOY: it's a lot of controversy behind this console.


SOULJA BOY: You know. Where's the console?

FEMALE_1: It's at the [inaudible 00:12:27].


SOULJA BOY: We supposed to have it right here on the table.

INTERVIEWER: [LAUGHTER] It would've been awesome if we

INTERVIEWER: could've gotten it because we were

INTERVIEWER: trying to order it too,

INTERVIEWER: but we saw it was sold out.

SOULJA BOY: I brought, it's not in the back pack?

SOULJA BOY: Next time. Uh, next time.

INTERVIEWER: Next time. Yeah, no, I mean,

INTERVIEWER: speaking of next time, dude, we'd

INTERVIEWER: love to have you back whenever.

INTERVIEWER: Y- I'll play you one-on-one in any game of your choice.

SOULJA BOY: Let's do it.

INTERVIEWER: Any game, man.

SOULJA BOY: And then, you know, I got s- one that even better.

SOULJA BOY: We won't even have to play one-on-one.

SOULJA BOY: We'll play Fighting Force and be-


SOULJA BOY: - on the same team.


SOULJA BOY: We'll just walk around and just beat up other people.

INTERVIEWER: I'm always down. And, of course, [NOISE] man,

INTERVIEWER: we'd love to have you back on. It would always be great.

INTERVIEWER: And, of course, when you make an Esport team too,

INTERVIEWER: I'm sure we'd love to have you back on and talk more.

SOULJA BOY: Thank you, man.

INTERVIEWER: Of course. Thanks you so much for joining us, Soulja Boy.

INTERVIEWER: Back over to you, Nora. [NOISE]