Scripting Real Life and Embracing the Plot Twists

February 27, 2018

Christina Wayne, CEO of Assembly Entertainment and Founder of joins This Changes Things to discuss her long career in the media industry and how she took the plunge and started her own company.

Wayne has sold eighteen scripted series to major networks such as ABC, Showtime, Amazon and Cinemax. Prior to starting her own production company she helped bring "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad" to the screen as the Senior VP of Scripted Series for AMC. She talks about what she learned when starting her own business and explains why it's important, as an owner, to be involved in every single aspect early on.

Plus, Wayne gives advice to the future women CEOs amd leaders. She says there has never been a better time to stand up for yourself and get what you deserve. She doesn't care about hearing the word "no" because she only needs one "yes" to make everything happen.