'Pose' Star Dyllon Burnside: The Series Pushes Back Against Hate

July 18, 2018

By Madison Alworth

The season finale of FX's "Pose" airs on Sunday, July 22, but fans haven't seen the last of it. The glitzy show was renewed for a second season last week, something series actor Dyllόn Burnside says is significant.

"I am proud to be a part of a piece that's on prime time TV and is actively pushing back," said Burnside in an interview to Cheddar Wednesday. He stars as Ricky, a young performer struggling to survive.

"Pose" is set in 80s New York, when dance, drag, and "the ballroom scene" were burgeoning. The decade's ball culture was powered by artistic houses and dance communities that also functioned as safe spaces for LGBTQ youths in the U.S. The scene may have been underground, but the dance-musical show allows these characters to come out of the closet and enter the spotlight.

The series not only features LGBTQ characters, but also employs themーpart of the team's concerted efforts at inclusion. The show holds the record for most transgender charactersーand actors ーin a prime time series.

Burnside said this is an ideal moment for a series like "Pose."

"It's just the push back we need against some of the hateful things that we've seen happening with policy and the rhetoric we've seen that's been discriminatory."

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