NewsPicks CEO: Humans, Not Algorithms, Pick Content to Counter Fake News

July 9, 2018

By Michael Teich

At a time when misinformation floods digital news platforms, and internet trolls take over comment sections, online news platform NewsPicks is turning to high-profile curators for quality content.

Curation led by trusted sources increases the "chance of bringing in the best content that's obviously not fake," said CEO Ian Myers.

The growing need to purge tech sites of potentially problematic content was highlighted most recently by Twitter which, according to the Washington Post, suspended 70 million fake accounts over the last two months and was banning more than a million accounts a day.

Fears that such a culling would cut into user growth sent shares of Twitter reeling Monday, though the stock was about to pare losses after CFO Ned Segal tweeted that such accounts were not counted in the company's metrics.

Still, the way news is digested and delivered is undergoing a period of disruption, and tech companies such as Apple, Google, and Facebook are looking to seize the market. But the aggregation by Silicon Valley natives lacks originality, Myers told Cheddar.

“It’s commodity news. Doesn’t matter where you get it. It’s just where you click first.”

NewsPicks is owned by a Japanese media company that also acquired Quartz last week for up to $110 million.

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