FBI Director Contradicts Trump on Russia Probe

July 19, 2018

By Conor White

FBI Director Christopher Wray on Wednesday contradicted claims by President Trump, the man who appointed him to the position, that Russia is no longer targeting the United States with cyberattacks.

At the Aspen Security Forum Wray remarked, "The intelligence community’s assessment has not changed, my view has not changedーwhich is that Russia attempted to interfere with the last election and continues to engage in malign influence operations to this day."

For Reason.com reporter Eric Boehm, Trump's repeated denial of Russia's activities can only mean one thing.

"The President clearly has personal interests, or some sort of interests, that are separate from what the U.S. intelligence community has when it comes to Russia," he told Cheddar on Thursday.

During a briefing this week, Trump denied that Russia poses any threat to Americans, simply responding "no" when asked about the danger.

Boehm explained that Trump may have reason to doubt American intelligence agenciesーbut that still doesn't explain his unwavering defense of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"It's possible to believe that well, maybe we should trust everything that the head of the [Office of the Director of National Intelligence] or the director of the CIA or the head of the FBI tells us," he said. "At the same time Trump's behavior still doesn't really make sense."

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