Need 2 Know: State of the Union Uncertainty, May Survives (Again)

January 17, 2019

These are the headlines you Need 2 Know.

  • Syria: Four American service members are among the dead in an ISIS suicide bombing in Syria, weeks after President Trump declared victory over the terrorist group and announced the withdrawal of troops in that country. The blast, which targeted a restaurant popular with American troops, killed 19 people in total. Hours after the attack, Vice President Pence declared that ISIS had, in fact, been defeated. Read more here.

  • Shutdown: Day 27: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has asked President Trump to delay the State of the Union address, scheduled for Jan. 29, until the government reopens, or do it in writing instead. She cited “security concerns” over Secret Service staffing. The Dept. of Homeland Security says it would be able to handle it, and the White House is said to be mulling whether the GOP-controlled Senate could invite Trump to deliver the address instead. Read more here.

  • California Storms: California has been hit with multiple storms this week and it’s not over yet. The National Weather Service is warning a “powerful Pacific storm” is expected to “hammer the West Coast into Friday.” Heavy rain and blizzard conditions are expected. Meanwhile, in Southern California, a 19-car crash resulted from fog, and in Northern California, a mudslide made a mess of the morning commute. Read more here.

  • May Survives (Again): UK Prime Minister Theresa May survived another ‘no-confidence’ vote just after her Brexit deal failed. The ouster vote was 325 to 306. May has until Monday to come up with a new Brexit plan. Read more here.

  • Razr Back: The Motorola Razr is reportedly coming back. According to the Wall Street Journal, the new version of the phone comes with a foldable screen, will cost around $1500 and may be available as soon as February. The phonemaker Lenovo, which owns the Motorola brand, is reported to be partnering with Verizon on an exclusive deal. Read more here.

  • Bye, Bob: Broadcaster Bob Costas has parted ways with NBC after 40 years at the network. His contract, worth millions of dollars, ran through 2021. Costas reportedly said it was “all settled quietly and happily for all concerned.” Read more here.

  • Who Ya Gonna Call?: There’s a new "Ghostbusters" movie on the horizon, and a teaser has already been released. The sequel to the original franchise will be directed by Jason Reitman, the son of the original film’s director, and is expected in the summer of 2020. Watch the teaser here.

  • Chris Hansen: Chris Hansen, the former host of "To Catch a Predator," has been arrested for allegedly bouncing checks. Hansen is accused of writing a nearly $13,000 check for items ー twice. Both checks bounced. The items, including mugs and shirts, were for a marketing campaign. Read more here.

  • Super Blood Wolf Moon: A "super blood wolf moon," a rare lunar eclipse, will be visible this Sunday night. The event gets its name because it consists of three lunar events: a supermoon, a wolf moon ー the first full moon of the year ー and a blood moon, which is when the sun, moon, and Earth all line up to create a red glow. Find out how to watch here.

  • "Fat Lady": Meghan Markle took it well when a woman at an animal charity called her “a fat lady.” The woman first told the royal she was a “lovely lady” and then added she was “a fat lady.” Markle laughed and said, “I’ll take it!” Read more here.

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