Need 2 Know: Grammy Winners, Shutdown Part II

February 11, 2019

These are the headlines you Need 2 Know.

  • Shutdown Part II: Negotiations on border security broke down over the weekend, with the government on track to shut down again on Friday unless a deal is reached. President Trump will travel to El Paso, Texas, today to hold a rally in support of the border wall, his first rally since the midterms. Read more here.

  • Grammys: Alicia Keys is being widely praised as host of The 61st Annual Grammy Awards. The show was packed with female performers and included a surprise appearance by Michelle Obama and a Dolly Parton tribute. Kacey Musgraves won four awards, including album of the year. Cardi B and Ariana Grande (who wasn’t in attendance) each won their first Grammy. Read more here.

  • Red Carpet: From Lady Gaga to Cardi B, here’s a look at the Grammy fashion. See the pics here.

  • Virginia Lieutenant Governor: A second woman has come forward to accuse Virginia’s lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax, of sexual assault. Fairfax has asked for “no rush to judgment” and is requesting the FBI investigate. A state delegate and fellow Democrat has said if Fairfax doesn’t resign, he will introduce articles of impeachment today. Fairfax has refused to resign. Read more here.

  • Virginia Governor: Gov. Ralph Northam is also refusing to resign over his yearbook photo scandal, telling CBS News he’s “not going anywhere.” In that interview, Northam referred to the first “indentured servants” brought from Africa to Virginia in the 1600s, sparking more backlash. Read more here.

  • Wild Weather: Hawaii: A winter storm brought high winds, waves over 60 feet, and left thousands without power in Hawaii. One part of the state even saw snow. Read more here.

  • Wild Weather: Seattle: It’s already the snowiest February on record for Seattle, which got hit with more than 14 inches over the weekend. More snow is on the way today and tomorrow. Read more here.

  • Teacher Strike: Denver teachers will strike today after negotiations reached an impasse over the weekend, though schools will remain open. Teachers there are looking for pay raises and more investment in the state’s public education. Educators have been picketing across the country over the last year, with a strike in Oakland possible as early as next Monday. Read more here.

  • 2020: Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar is the latest Democrat to throw her hat in the 2020 ring, becoming the fifth woman in Congress to announce a run for president. Klobuchar is known as a moderate with a record of bipartisanship in the senate. She is also reported to have a record of mistreating her staff in the past. The senator has responded that she is just a “tough” boss. Read more here.

  • Bezos v. Enquirer: Michael Sanchez, the brother of Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend, is reportedly the person who leaked their racy texts to the National Enquirer. It is unknown why Sanchez gave the messages to the tabloid, but the Daily Beast says he has “ties to various Trumpworld figures” and investigators think it was “in part politically motivated.” Read more here.

  • Vonn Retires: Skier Lindsey Vonn won bronze at the world championship in Sweden in her final race on the slopes. Vonn says she was probably the most nervous she’d been in her life. She’d announced on Feb. 1 that she was retiring from the sport, saying her “body is broken beyond repair.” Read more here.

  • Spotted: Still Friends: Brad Pitt reportedly sneaking into the 50th birthday party for ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. Read more here.

  • Spotted: Reese: Reese Witherspoon taking a tumble down some stairs after spending the night at the same party. See the pic here.

  • Done with Driving: 97-year-old Prince Philip surrendered his driver’s license several weeks after he was involved in a crash that left a woman injured. Buckingham Palace says he decided to “voluntarily” give up the license after “careful consideration.” Read more here.

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