Modern Couples Give Up Too Easily: 'Catfish' Creator Nev Schulman, Wife Laura Perlongo

March 22, 2019

By Chloe Aiello

When dating is just a tap away, it can be easy to jump from relationship to relationship, but Nev Schulman, the creator of the television show "Catfish," and his wife Laura Perlongo are urging young couples to stick it out.

"We are encouraging people to have more mindful relationships ー don't just break up and get back on Tinder. Which we've found a lot of people our age, they give up on relationships so easily rather than saying, you know, you snore," Perlongo told Cheddar.

The two address tough relationship questions, often drawing from their own experiences, on a Facebook show they co-host called "We Need to Talk." Schulman said they often accept advice from viewers for their own 4-year-old relationship.

"It creates a community around a discussion that helps I think everybody," he said.

One important takeaway from an episode appropriately entitled "Me Vs. Us" is that it's OK to have alone time ー especially when there are kids involved.

"Guys have their sort of poker night or golf Sunday ー those are the tropes, those are the stereotypes. But now that we have a family and we've been in a relationship now, and our lives are more adult, I'm starting to understand why those things exist," Schulman said.

"It's important that you have those sanctuaries," he added.

The third season of the "We Need to Talk" premiered last week.

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