'Lost' Star Dominic Monaghan Is Bullish on Tesla

May 23, 2018

By Madison Alworth

The actor Dominic Monaghan drives a Tesla. He even owns Tesla stock. And it doesn't bother him at all how the electric carmaker's CEO Elon Musk has handled the production delays of the much-anticipated Model 3. Monaghan, the Tesla devotee, has confidence in Musk and the company.

"I think Elon Musk is an extremely intelligent man, he's obviously projecting, a lot, and he's trying to grow his business very, very fast," Monaghan said in an interview Tuesday with Cheddar. As a consumer and investor, he said he relies on his gut, and how a company and its products makes him feel.

Monaghan, who starred in the wildly popular TV show "Lost" and and played a hobbit in "The Lord of the Rings," owns a Model S and said he's Tesla for life: "It's the best car I've ever driven. I'll never drive another car apart from an electric car, maybe a Tesla for the rest of my life."

With a new new crime drama, "100 Code," scheduled to have its premiere on WGN America on May 29, Monaghan is excited, and said his approach to acting in new projects is actually similar to his approach to investing.

"What I am trying to challenge myself with, with the choices that I make, is a little bit of diversity, which is what I am also trying to do with my money as well," he said, adding: "I don't want to repeat myself or play the same role."

The risk-taking actor and spirit-driven investor said he prefers to invest small amounts of money across the board because he lacks confidence in the operations of the stock market. But he has great faith in the products and companies he uses. Those are the same companies you can find in his portfolio.

"That was the lesson that I learned," Monaghan said. "Invest in something that you're constantly going to be checking in with."

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