GLYD Lets You Live Like a Local While Traveling the Globe, CEO Says

January 14, 2019

By Samantha Errico

New app GLYD is connecting travelers and locals via an Instagram-meets-TripAdvisor social media platform.

According to the app's CEO and founder, bridging the gap between tourists and local populations is "a way for them to experience the local culture, traditions," Monika Bhasin told Cheddar Monday.

"It kind of helps give you a window into a local's life," she said.

Rather than asking users to spend hours searching the internet for information, GLYD connects them directly to "GLYDrs," or locals who can issue travel recommendations or even plan a unique itinerary.

"That's the problem we are solving ー to really fine tune where to go, what to do when you land at your destination," Bhasin said.

GLYDrs can post pictures à la Pinterest or Instagram on "itinerary boards." If something piques users' interest, they can purchase Digital Itineraries ($7.99) or Custom Digital Itineraries ($11.99).

According to Bhasin, the app was designed to create more authentic traveling "experiences" and to fulfill that mission, GLYD will be introducing "local in-person experiences," this summer, a program that pairs users with locals, who are tasked with guiding tourists around their home terrain.

"I wanted people to go into a city and feel like they belong there," Bhasin said.

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