E*TRADE Generation Trader: Highlights from Mobile World Congress

March 1, 2018

Technology and mobile giants gathered in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress this week. In this episode Cheddar's Brad Smith and Baker Machado explore how announcements from this event are impacting industry leaders.

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S9 and S9+ at its keynote address. The phone's high-end camera is Samsung's latest attempt to take on Apple's iPhone X. Shares of T-Mobile surged after the news that Samsung's new product will be the first phone on its new spectrum. Sony also unveiled its Xperia ZX2 at the event. Over the course of three months, shares of Sony are up about 6.5 percent.

The race for 5G is also heating up. AT&T and Verizon admitted phones will not be available in time for the launch of 5G mobile service. Shares of both companies are falling a bit this week. Both AT&T and Sprint have unveiled their first 5G cities in the last few days. Meanwhile, T-Mobile announced it is looking to build its initial 5G network in 30 cities this year.

While some of these announcements might drive up investor sentiment, many plans are still in early stages. It will be interesting to keep tabs over the course of 2018.