PlayVS Creates eSports League for High Schools

June 8, 2018

By Britt Terrell

The dreams of teenagers everywhere will come true this fall, when video gaming becomes an official high school sport, sponsored by the National Federation of State High School Associations.

The best high school gamers can earn scholarships to college and turn what used to be considered a distraction into a part of their extracurricular experience.

"There will be millions and millions of kids every year ー especially in the U.S. ー who participate in eSports in an organized way," said Delane Parnell, founder and CEO of Play VS, the startup that will bring an eSports league to nearly 20,000 high schools across the country.

There are already about 200 colleges in North America that offer eSports scholarships, according to Parnell. PlayVS will help these schools recruit in a more organized way, and raise the profile of the best high-school gamers.

"We're excited to be able to own that system as a company," Parnell said in an interview with Cheddar. "We're going to loop in some recruiting technology directly into the platform in which recruiters from colleges will be able to easily recruit players in terms of engaging with them but then also be able to see their performance data from an individual stand point and a team performance stand point validated."

PlayVS is working with game publishers to determine which games will be included in the inaugural high-school season.

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