A Taste of Gregorys Coffee

February 2, 2018

In this episode of "In The Moment" sponsored by Citi, Tim Stenovec sits down with the Founder and CEO of Gregorys Coffee Gregory Zamfotis. After growing up in the food industry, Zamfotis decided to turn the typical coffee shop on its head and inspire a new generation of coffee-lovers.

Zamfotis talks about why New York City is the inspiration behind Gregorys Coffee. He was born and raised in the Big Apple so a lot of his heritage and background is engrained in the decor and atmosphere of his coffee shops. He also talks about brewing up a good culture with Gregorys Coffee employees. Growing a successful company is most important to Zamfortis and he says it starts with the happiness of his employees.

Plus, when did Zamfortis see his vision come together? He says it was when they opened one of the early shops and had a line down the block that he realized he has something successful on his hands.